About Us

the moms of knollwood lane

Three fun & faithful, vintage loving, handcrafting moms!

Our main inspiration has always been VINTAGE! We love to scour flea markets for everything from trinkets to trim. All three of us are from different generations. . . we can each look at something & come up with different ideas on how to put it together. We're constantly designing and jotting down ideas . . . our biggest obstacle is TIME to bring everything to life!

We are drawn to natural textures and that is reflected in our favorite mediums . . . canvas, felted wool, and wood. We love using vintage inspired images, often with a modern twist, on our products! Black and white, sepia, color, or a mixture of all three. . . whatever strikes our fancy at that moment. Then, we decide where our images land; pillows, a piece of wood, a burp cloth, a tent or whatever we come up with next! Stay tuned.